3rd Committee:  Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

The Third Committee deals with items relating to a range of social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues that affect people all over the world. It focuses on the examination of human rights questions, including reports of the special procedures of the Human Rights Council established in 2006.

The Committee also discusses questions relating to the advancement of women, the protection of children, indigenous issues, the treatment of refugees, the promotion of fundamental freedoms through the elimination of racism and racial discrimination, and the right to self- determination.  The Committee also addresses important social development questions such as issues related to youth, family, ageing, persons with disabilities, crime prevention, criminal justice, and international drug control.

ISSUE 301 - Measures to prevent abuse and sexual exploitation in United Nations peacekeeping

ISSUE 302 - Measures to solve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Your Chairs

Maria Kuhestani - SOCHUM

NESBRU chair - Maria Kuhestani

Hi there! My name is Maria and I’ll be one of the chairs for SOCHUM at this year’s SANMUN. I started attending MUN debates my first week of school here at Nesbru. At first it was very confusing, and I could barely keep up with what was going on. For whatever reason I kept going even though I was completely lost most of the time. I am truly happy that I did. Since then, I have been a delegate at SANMUN and THIMUN. Both being great conferences where I have gained new knowledge about the issues present in the world. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in November!

Nina Viet - SOCHUM

SVGS chair -   Nina viet  

My name is Nina Viet, and I’ll be one of your chairs in the NESMUN conference’s SOCHUM committee this year. I have lived in Sandefjord my whole life, and am currently a third grader in the IB at Sandefjord VGS. This year is my first time as a Chair, and I have been doing MUN since I started the IB. Last year, I represented Amnesty in the UHNRC, which was fun and interesting. Taking another stance in international politics, is one of the things I like most about MUN. And CAS. Outside from school, I enjoy be a smart asian. I look forward to seeing you all this November!