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Secretary GEneral

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Silje Kjær Olsen / Silje Heløe Kjær-Olsen - Sandefjord VGS

Biography – Secretary General

My name is Silje Kjær Olsen (might be Silje Heløe Kjær-Olsen by winter). At this moment I am a student at Sandefjord Vgs; however, I live in Tønsberg. I am sincerely looking forward to the annual SANMUN 2019. This year I will serve as the Secretary-General, and I am excited to meet all the chairs, delegates, admins and guests that will be there. This annual SANMUN will be my third year participating in MUN. As a result of my commitment to the MUN, I have developed a particular interest in peacekeeping. Therefore, after the IB I am hoping to take a semester in Nepal for Peace and Conflict Studies. I dearly hope all participants will have a great time, and I am looking forward to seeing your resolutions and listening to you guys debating. A small tip I will give you is to come prepared and try to challenge yourself with public speaking and asking critical questions.

President of the general assembly


Markus Fjeldstad Reve - Nesbru VGS

 Biography – General Assembly President

Hey, SANMUN - Markus here! What does the future hold for us? As a last-year IB student at Nesbru vgs., I am prone to ask the questions that will drive our society forwards. That was our vision for this conference, and the issues we have chosen reflect that. By the time we meet to discuss this, I will have turned 18 years old, and I will have reached the peak of my MUN career. Despite going to an MUN conference housing over 3000 students from all over the world, as well as participating at multiple local, national, and other international MUN and MEP conferences, the biggest honour will be to serve as your General Assembly President this conference. I hope you will all prosper as MUNers, rookies or veterans alike. 

Technology has always fascinated me, but also left me both cautious and interested. The fact that  it will change our society is a given, but at what cost? I am eager to meet you all and watch to collaborate as you try to not only answer this question, but also shape the answer. Will we encounter the dystopia we are warned about, or can we reach the utopia we envision?

Good luck to you all!

conference manager

Arssema Teshale Musse - Sandefjord VGS

Biography – Conference manager

Dear everyone, my name is Arssema Teshale Musse and I have the pleasure of being this year's Conference manager. I come from Ethiopia and have lived in Norway half of my life. I am currently taking IBDP at SVGS and will be on my last year when attending SANMUN 2019. Besides the schools MUN meetings, I have attended Mini SANMUN, SANMUN 2018 and this year will be my second year with MUN. Besides MUN, I am the next leader of Amnesty Sandefjord.  

I am very happy to have found MUN through IB since it is a wonderful and educational place where you get to observe and learn about international relations, diplomacy, critical thinking, teamwork etc. as we embody and learn about the United Nations. Coming from a country that has carried and still carry several issues that affect its people (both politically or/and from natural disasters), I have grown up to be a person that wants to reach a helping hand and help people that live under these circumstances. MUN helps you see and participate in how countries solve issues such as these. I can’t wait to meet everyone and hope SANMUN 2019 will be a nice and memorable experience for everyone attending!


Head of administrative staff


Hekla Alexía Samúelsdóttir - Sandefjord VGS

Biography – Head of administrative staff

Hi, my name is Hekla Alexía Samúelsdóttir, and I am excited to serve as the head of admin staff of SANMUN this year. I moved from Iceland to Norway with my whole family in 2017. Currently, I go to Sandefjord VGS, where I am doing the IB, and I have participated in MUN for the past two years as admin staff. This will be my first time being the head of admin staff for SANMUN, and I am hoping to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

If you wish to contact me about anything, like becoming admin staff my email is:

I look forward to seeing all of you in November!


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A Model United Nations chair is an appointed or designated staff member who chairs all the sessions of a specific committee and ensure the smooth running of the committee. Prior to the conference, the Chair of each committee develops the topic to be discussed, and also writes detailed preparation papers which will serve as a lead for the participants of that committee during their research. The preparation paper gives an overview on the issue to be discussed without going into details nor proposing solutions. Instead, the main job of the chair is to promote research on the topic.  The chair establishes communication platforms with delegates even before the conference starts and through social media, which gives them the chance to know each other and help clarify any uncertainties and worries of delegates.  The Chair is the most important person in the committee room; without proper research papers, the committee will not be successful. The appointed individual will have a high sense of awareness of international affairs, an excellent command of the written and spoken language, a thorough knowledge and expertise on MUN  rules of debate, parliamentary language and procedure as well as good social skills to deal with members of the committee. 

Head of press team

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