meet The executive committee

Secretary GEneral

Inge Erdal - SVGS

Biography – Secretary General

My name is Inge Erdal and I have the privilege of serving as the Secretary General for SANMUN 2017. I have lived my entire life in Norway, which I plan to change after graduating the IB Diploma. It is after three years of experience of rising through the ranks of MUN that I have committed to taking on this prestigious, though demanding task. Two years ago, I was initially sceptical to committing to an activity I found challenging, both in terms of the abilities needed and the guts required. However, I came to find the Model United Nations as a great experience, for learning about and confronting global issues, for socializing, as well as a channel for self-improvement and the learning of new skills. This is something I discovered by attending several conferences, SANMUN 2015 as a delegate of Brazil, SANMUN 2016 as a chair for the environmental commission, as well as THIMUN 2017 as a delegate of Latvia. All these experiences were challenging and initially out of my comfort zone, however, they were intensely awarding, and have provided me with valuable experience for the task of Secretary General. As a result, I feel outermost confident, alongside the rest of the highly skilled and talented executive committee, to ensure that this year’s conference will be a successful and fruitful MUN experience for all delegates.

President of the general assembly

Liepa Adomaityte - NESBRU VGS

 Biography: PGA

Hello everyone!

My name is Liepa and I have the pleasure of being the president of the General Assembly in this year’s SANMUN conference. I am now in my final year of IB and am the president of the MUN club at Nesbru VGS. MUN has been a very big part of my life for 3 years now, and many of you may already know me as I was the chair of UNEP commission in last year’s conference. I enjoy MUN because I talk a lot and MUN is one place where I can freely yell at people for 15 minutes straight- and besides MUN my other hobbies include jogging and baking J

As the president of the GA I hope that you will all behave nicely during the General Assembly, and I will be glad to help you all with anything. I hope you all will have many fruitful debates!


Deputy Secretary General and conference manager

Thomas Nomme - SVGS

Biography: DSG

My name is Thomas Nomme and I will serve as the Deputy Secretary General and the Conference Manager during the 2017 SANMUN conference. I live in a small village in Vestfold 10 km north of Sandefjord called Kodal, where I have lived my whole life. I am currently in my last year of the IB Diploma Programme where I primarily study scientific subjects like math, physics and so on. My interests are science and politics, as well as wildlife and hunting. I am especially fascinated by political ideologies, and I am an active member of a political youth party.

My first MUN-experience was at the SANMUN 2015 conference where I had the role as The Ambassador of Russia. Later, I have been both a chair and the President of General Assembly at the 2016 conference, and lastly a delegate at the THIMUN 2017 conference in the Netherlands. It has been educational for me to learn about- and represent ideas and points of view that I personally do not support.

In good MUN tradition, I hope for some fruitful debates and I am looking forward to see you all at the 2017 SANMUN conference!



Head of administrative staff

Kimberley Berkhof - SVGS

Biography: Head of Admin Staff

My name is Kimberley Berkhof and I will be Head of Admin staff at SANMUN 2017. I have lived in Norway for about 4 years, in Larvik. I moved from Botswana. I started MUN early last year as an admin, following it up with mini-SANMUN and SANMUN. I enjoy everything about the MUN experience, as I am a person who really enjoys listening to other people’s opinions and prepping for events. My favorite MUN experience must have been at SANMUN 2016, where I participated as a delegate and just listened to all the opinions the different countries had.

My goal for SANMUN 2017 is to see many new faces and old faces, having a very organized and well-prepared team! Looking forward to it!





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A Model United Nations chair is an appointed or designated staff member who chairs all the sessions of a specific committee and ensure the smooth running of the committee. Prior to the conference, the Chair of each committee develops the topic to be discussed, and also writes detailed preparation papers which will serve as a lead for the participants of that committee during their research. The preparation paper gives an overview on the issue to be discussed without going into details nor proposing solutions. Instead, the main job of the chair is to promote research on the topic.  The chair establishes communication platforms with delegates even before the conference starts and through social media, which gives them the chance to know each other and help clarify any uncertainties and worries of delegates.  The Chair is the most important person in the committee room; without proper research papers, the committee will not be successful. The appointed individual will have a high sense of awareness of international affairs, an excellent command of the written and spoken language, a thorough knowledge and expertise on MUN  rules of debate, parliamentary language and procedure as well as good social skills to deal with members of the committee. 

head of press and press team 

Biography: Head of Press Team: Mads Hammer

My name is Mads Hammer, and I am the head of press of the 2017 SANMUN conference. I have lived in Sandefjord since 2011, when I moved from Oslo.

I first joined the MUN out of curiosity. Although the debates were interesting, I found more joy in forming a press team with a group of classmates. Additionally it gave me an opportunity to improve my writing skills. Last year’s conference was an interesting experience, where the press team and I produced entire newspapers for each of the two days. In addition to me gaining skills in writing, I found the creative process of creating the newspapers entertaining. The social aspects of the conference assisted in making last year’s debate a fun experience. My hopes for the conference is to improve on the newspaper of last year, and that everyone find the conference rewarding.

Below is a photo of our press team
From left to right:
Ludvik Nordrum (Website Manager and Head of Technology) 
Jørgen Nilsen Sandve, (journalist)    
Mads Hammer (Head of Press)
Håkon  Løken - delegate