meet The executive committee

Secretary GEneral

Helene Stewart - Nesbru VGS

Biography – Secretary General

Dear Delegates, Committee Presidents, Teachers and Guests,

My name is Helene Stewart and I am more than excited for the opportunity to serve as this year’s Secretary General! I’m half Norwegian, half American and have moved around quite a bit throughout my life. Currently, I go to Nesbru VGS where I’m doing the IB before going off to study somewhere in the world. I’ve always loved to travel and experience new cultures and help others, but it wasn’t until after I joined MUN last year that I knew I wanted to pursue a career within international relations so that I can do what I love every day. I hope you, the delegates, will find this MUN conference to be equally as inspiring – if not more – and I’m excited to see what creative resolutions you will come up with. Remember to work hard and as a team – the best resolutions are those created with input from everyone and with proper compromise. I also hope to see cooperation between the Committee Presidents to ensure the delegates get the most out of their debates. Now do your research, and I’ll see you in November!


Helene Stewart - your Secretary General

President of the general assembly

 Sandefjord VGS


Welcome, delegates! My name’s Emīlija Mieze and I’ll be the President of the General Assembly at SANMUN’s 2018 conference. Born and raised in Saldus, Latvia until age 10, I spent 6 years living in Mosjøen, Norway until moving to Sandefjord as I started my studies at Sandefjord VGS as a pre-IB. I lived in Sandefjord for 2 years until the beginning of the 2018/2019 school year, when I decided to finish my secondary education back home in Latvia, and am now studying in Riga State 2. Gymnasium’s 11th IB class.

I participated in the SANMUN 2017 conference as a chair in the DISEC committee, and after this conference took over as the president of SVGS’s MUN club. MUN for me personally is a place where I learn how to control my emotions during discussion and practice finding supporting arguments to get my point across to others. I’m still bad at keeping cool in a debate and am quite easy to provoke, so I prefer being a chair to being a delegate by a long shot. My goal for this year’s conference is to help people like myself to get over their shyness to involve themselves in something they might care about, and to show people that it’s okay to get mad or confused in the middle of a debate.

This being said, I am very much so looking forward to seeing all of you with us this November, and I hope everyone taking part in this event will in hindsight consider this a wonderful experience that they can learn something from. Kindest regards from Riga!


Our PG

Deputy Secretary General and conference manager

Marie Bøe - Nesbru VGS



Hello! My name is Marie Bøe and I am excited to be the conference manager and Deputy Secretary General (DSG) of SANMUN this year. I have participated in MUN and MEP conferences earlier as a delegate and as a part of the secretariat. My experience with SANMUN has been very fun as well as being educational. This will be my first time being the conference manager for SANMUN and am hoping to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

Head of administrative staff

Marie Veigaard - Nesbru VGS


Head of Admin

Hi! My name is Marie Veigaard, and I am serving as head of admin staff this year. I have attended MUN as a delegate many times, as well as chairing debates in MEP and participating there as a delegate as well. This gives me knowledge of what is needed during a conference, and my role as head of admin staff is, among many other things, to make sure that all the delegates' notepassing needs are covered at all times. If you wish to contact me about anything, like becoming admin staff my email is I look forward to this year's SANMUN


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A Model United Nations chair is an appointed or designated staff member who chairs all the sessions of a specific committee and ensure the smooth running of the committee. Prior to the conference, the Chair of each committee develops the topic to be discussed, and also writes detailed preparation papers which will serve as a lead for the participants of that committee during their research. The preparation paper gives an overview on the issue to be discussed without going into details nor proposing solutions. Instead, the main job of the chair is to promote research on the topic.  The chair establishes communication platforms with delegates even before the conference starts and through social media, which gives them the chance to know each other and help clarify any uncertainties and worries of delegates.  The Chair is the most important person in the committee room; without proper research papers, the committee will not be successful. The appointed individual will have a high sense of awareness of international affairs, an excellent command of the written and spoken language, a thorough knowledge and expertise on MUN  rules of debate, parliamentary language and procedure as well as good social skills to deal with members of the committee. 

press team 


Alessandra Børsting

Hi! My name is Alessandra Børsting and I’m one of the co-heads for the press team. This will be my second time attending SANMUN. I’m an ex-delegate of MUN, and I love photography! Feel free to ask me or Katerina any questions. We will also be happy to take photographs of anyone who wants to be in a photo. I am looking forward to this year’s SANMUN conference!


Katerina Ruud

Hello there! I am Katerina Ruud, and I am one of the heads of press and press team. This will be my first SANMUN conference, despite the fact that I’ve been attending MUN sessions at Nesbru vgs for more than two years … Other than that, I’ve also been to MEP Norway. Since this is my first SANMUN experience, it is also the first time I’m in the press team! So please contact either me or Alessandra if you wish to not be taken pictures of, or if you have any other questions related to picture-taking, interviewing or anything press-related! Other than that: have a nice day, and see you at SANMU N!