Press Issues

2016 saw the establishment of the MUN Press Team.  This avid group of young enquirers have taken up the role of the journalist to report on weekly MUN sessions as well as SANMUN Conferences. Take a seat and enjoy the reading!

SANMUN 2017 issues

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SANMUN 2016 Issues





Mini SANMUN 2016

MiniSANMUN special issue


Weekly Issues

 October 2016 Vol.1

October 2016 Vol.1

Feature 1

This is the first issue for our weekly sessions.

 October 2016 Vol.2

October 2016 Vol.2

Feature 2

A second issue of our weekly sessions saw a change in name of the news bulletin

 February 2017 Vol.3

February 2017 Vol.3

Feature 3

The third issue of our weekly sessions brought a return in the name of the paper to the Gazette.