The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The United Nations Environment Programme is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment.

UNEP work encompasses assessing global, regional and national environmental conditions and trends; developing international and national environmental instruments; strengthening institutions for the wise management of the environment.

issue 201 - deforestation


issue 202 -  Measures to decrease use of pesticides and GMOs in agriculture  

Your Chairs

NESBRU Chair - Elise Møllerstedt Gunnestad

My name is Elise Møllerstedt Gunnestad, I’m 18 years old, and I’m born and raised in Norway. I love to travel, and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to go to both national and international MEP and MUN conferences. I was first introduced to MUN when I started the IB last year, and didn’t think that I’d enjoy it that much when I signed up, but it turned out to be the one of my favourite hobbies. It has given me so many fantastic experiences and I’ve learned so much from it, and I hope to help new delegates feel welcome to the MUN community, so that they can have as many good experiences as I did.

I will be Chair in the 2018 UNEP committee during the deforestation debate, as that is the committee I always sign up for myself because I am very passionate about the issues and find the debates and resolutions to be more cooperative than in other committees where the countries are more divided based on political differences.

I look forward to meet all of you and help everyone have a memorable weekend with great resolutions and fruitful debates!

SVGS chair -  polina nosova

Hello there! My name is Polina Nosova and I have the honor of chairing at SANMUN 2018 in The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Initially, I was born in Latvia, Riga, but my whole family moved here earlier in 2009. Currently, I once again live in Sandefjord, as it is indeed the first city I moved to when I first came to Norway. Although, I have managed to experience Norway’s countryside while living in Re, and experienced a more city-like life while living in Drammen. All this while still studying in Sandefjord, as it was the place where I wanted to both start and finish my IB Diploma. At this moment, I’ve just started my last year of the IB, and most likely I’ve already understood my mistakes from last year and stepped down from Maths HL to SL.

My MUN experience began last year as CAS became a reality. Even though it all started off as a quick fix of something to do, I fell in love with MUN as the time went by and the SANMUN 2017 conference was finally close. My interest in politics beside of school paid off, although the fear of being new as a delegate was sometimes a nightmare as I was representing DPRK in the SOCHUM committee last year.

This year I am lucky enough to be a chair, a role in the MUN which I always looked up to. I hope to serve you well, look forward to meeting and collaborating with you all, and in good old MUN-spirit I do wish for many fruitful debates!