(Will be updated when the schools are in)

Country allocation

Country allocation will happen on October 1st.  Please keep in mind that in order to be allocated a country, your school must have registered!


Country School

Algeria Oslo Katedralskole

Argentina Ranvik Uskole

Australia Oslo International

Bangladesh Oslo Katedralskole

Brazil SVGS

China Nesbru

Colombia Gjøvik VGS

DPRK Red Cross Nordic UWC

DR Congo Sven Eriksson

Egypt Oslo Katedralskole

Fiji Oslo Katedralskole

Finland Sven Eriksson

France Nesbru

Germany Skagerak International

India Oslo Katedralskole

Italy Oslo Katedralskole

Japan Skagerak International

Lybia Gjøvik VGS

Netherlands Oslo Katedralskole

New Zealand Oslo International


Russia Oslo International

Saudi Arabia Elverum VGS

South Korea Oslo International

Tanzania Oslo Katedralskole

Turkey Oslo International School

United Kingdom Nesbru


Venezuela Oslo Katedralskole

NGO: Amnesty Int’l. Oslo International School